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Kelson Haas

There is nothing impossible to him who will try. - Alexander the Great
My name is Kelson Haas. I am a 3D modeler, a knowledge seeker, and an athlete.
3D modeling is a passion of mine. I started modeling in high school to print my art assignments and later was put in charge of the school’s 3D printers when I joined the robotics team.  By my junior year, 3D Modeling and printing became my favorite pastime, and I started this business. I particularly love crafting historically-accurate models of famous architecture, such as the Parthenon, a Mayan temple, and the Taj Mahal. I also enjoy creating futuristic space ships, such as you would find in Star Wars.  In college, I have focused on the animation side of 3D modeling to learn how to texture, rig, and make 3D models that have high-poly detail on low-poly models. As a result, I can now make 3D models that are tailored to 3D printing or to animation. Such tailoring is important because the models used for the two processes are quite different. 3D models can be designed for functional purposes as well as for aesthetic purposes, such as 3D printed pieces for robots.
I pride myself on coming up with innovative ways to improve 3D models, and I enthusiastically push the limits of what the software and hardware can do. For example, I have become really good at repurposing existing textures from one source and then applying and adapting them to new models. More generally, I often have to convert a model from a program like SolidWorks to another program like Zbrush or Maya to take advantage of the strengths and weaknesses of each and craft the best possible model. If you like my work follow me on ArtStation at
My interest in learning, and particularly in history, has driven much of my modeling.  Aside from my college courses, I have studied history on my own time, including most of the major historical civilizations from ancient Egypt to the present. More recently, I have started learning Latin and ancient Greek, and I plan to move on to the Romance languages next. 
I enjoy competing in sports when I am not modeling. When I was younger, I engaged in competitive trampolining, and I even participated in the Junior Olympics in 2009 for Gymnastics. In high school, I became the only freshman on the varsity basketball team. In college, I am now a member of the SMC men's Volleyball team.

Life is short, and I don't plan on wasting a second of it.