IOM 3D Design and Printing is a one-man operation. I design and sell 3D models and 3D prints at a reasonable cost. I can also make custom designs to your specifications and print it. If you want a custom design, contact me, and send a picture or drawing with your specifications and I will model it to the best of my ability and if requested print it. I mainly make models for 3D printing so the poly count is high. The models were then repurposed for animation. If you desire an animation-specific model let me know and I will design it for that instead of 3D printing.

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Membership Benefits

Members get access to my tutorials as well as a discount on all my 3D models. It also comes with the ability to request tutorials for topics you want me to cover, as well as help with any problems you have while 3D modeling.

ArtStation Sales

Any sale on ArtStation has the same discount as my Caesar Membership. ArtStation generally does them on most holidays. Not all my 3D models are available on ArtStation though.

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Imperial II Class Star Destroyer Picture

Science Fiction

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Work Hours

This website is always open. If you want to contact me for a specific job go down to Get in Touch area below and submit a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


If you want a 3D print request it here. Either one of your own 3D models or one of mine.

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