Praetorian Guard

Praetorian Guard

This is a 3D model of the Star Wars Praetorian Guard. Historically the Praetorian guards were the Roman Emperor's personal bodyguards. Today Star wars have borrowed the name for their guards.  Supreme Leader Snoke's bodyguards are called Praetorian guards. This is a 3D printable model.

  • Info

    This file is a zip. To access the 3d model extract the folder containing the models, then open the folder.

  • File Format

    This zipped file contains several file formats for this model.

    Format 1 is .stl which is 3d printable.

    Format 2 is .obj which also is 3d printable.

    Format 3 is .fbx which is used for display purposes and is set up for Arnold in Maya.


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