SSS Immortalem Battleship Caesar

SSS Immortalem Battleship Caesar

SSS Immortalem or the Super Sailing Ship Immortalem is an original 3D model battleship. It has the hull of the Bismark, the main batteries of the Yamato, the anti-aircraft guns of the Iowa class battleship and everything else is original. All the turrets, anti-air guns, propellers, and rudder, are prepped for animation and are ready to go. This is only an animatable model.

  • File Format

    This is a zipped file that contains several file formats for this model.

    Format 1 is .fbx which is used for display and animation purposes and is set up for Arnold in Maya which is not rigged.

    Format 2 is the Maya file that is rigged.

  • Info

    This file is a zip. To access the 3d model, extract the folder containing the models, then open the folder.

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