Tower of Babel Ziggurat

Tower of Babel Ziggurat

This 3D model is base on the stone tablet from the sixth-century BC. with a carving of a ziggurat created by King Nebuchadnezzar II. It is believed this seven-story ziggurat is a depiction of the actual Tower of Babel. This 3D model is a combination of middle eastern monumental architectural buildings and the images above. This is a 3D printable model and it is also animatable. To make sure the textures are applied correctly watch this video and follow the steps. a

  • File Format

    This is a zipped file that contains several file formats for this model.

    Format 1 is .stl which is 3d printable.

    Format 2 is .obj which also is 3d printable.

    Format 3 is .fbx which is used for display and animation purposes and is set up for Arnold in Maya.

    Format 4 is the Maya file.

    It also comes with the texture folder.

  • Info

    This file is a zip. To access the 3d model extract the folder containing the models, then open the folder.